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The Energyteam regularly participates in (inter)national competitions with the ECOcar. These games/competitions revolve around energy-efficient driving.

The idea is simple: the car puts a certain amount of energy to a certain distance. This energy can be fuel, but also hydrogen, solar energy, bio-ethanol or batteries. The car puts a number of laps on a circuit within a certain time. The amount of energy that the car has used is measured by a power meter and converted to kilometers traveled per liter of fuel. To not compare apples with oranges, consumption is converted into the chemical equivalent of one liter of diesel.

To participate in a contest, aspects such as the visibility on the road and the driving position must be taken into account.

The competitions are innovative projects that ​​ protect the environment and bring together cultural diversity. In this way they want to challenge young people to think about energy-efficient vehicles.

  • Shell ECO-marathon
    Ahoy, Rotterdam—Netherlands

    Europa: 221 teams
    North Amerika: 151 teams
    South Amerika: 4 teams

    Link: Shell ECO-Marathon

  • Belgian ECO-Marathon — 2012 - 2013
    Vélodrome de Rochefort

    Western Europe: 16 teams

    Link: Belgian ECO-Marathon



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