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Master theses

· thesis 1996:
Author: Bruno Vermeersch
Title: Design realization ECOcar1

· thesis 2002:
Author: Wim Declercq
Title: Design realization ECOcar2

· thesis 2003:
Author: Sam Schotte – Wim Declercq
Title: Design realization ECOcar3

· thesis 2004:
Author: Mathias
Title: Aerodynamic study ECOcar3

· thesis 2005:
Author: Jelle Leenknegt
Title: Optimization of powertrain and bodywork ECOcar4

· thesis 2005:
Author: Joachim Naessens
Title: Comparative study chassis design ECOcar4

· thesis 2005:
Author: Kenneth Van Gheluwe
Title: Optimization of steering geometry and front wheel suspension

· thesis 2006:
Author: Frederik Eeckman - Tanguy Legrand
Title: Research on the use of RDP as an alternative fuel for the energy-efficient car ECOcar4

· thesis 2006:
Author: Lieven Defauw - Steven Vandermeersch
Title: Optimizing the Yanmar engine (ECOcar4).

· thesis 2007:
Author: Andreas Verheye - Jonathan Burny
Title: Design and construction of the inertia dynamometer for ECOcar4

· thesis 2007:
Author: Glen Putteman -Bert
Title: Aerodynamic design ECOcar5

· thesis 2007:
Author: Vincent - Hannes
Title: Design eddy current banking

· academic year 2007-2008:
Author: Jeroen Mees en Maarten Smet
Title: Study and design of the chassis - bodywork of an energy-efficient car in terms of strength and aerodynamics

· academic year 2007-2008:
Author: Gerald Bauwens – Pieter Bekaert
Title: Research and installation of a controlled injector system on the Yanmar engine

· academic year 2007-2008:
Author: Yoni Waegeman
Title: Design and installation of a data acquisition system in the ECOcar
Datalogging of the existing inertia dynamometer

· academic year 2009-2010:
Author: Jurgen Verstrepen
Title: ECOcar5: wheels - front axle - rear axle

· academic year 2009-2010:
Author: Roderik Van Coster - Pieter Van Hijfte
Title: Electric drive ECOcar5

· academic year 2009-2010:
Author: Peter Lippens
Title: Simulation of the energy consumption of a vehicle by means of a dynamometer, and digitized circuit

· academic year 2010-2011:
Author: Fabian Martens
Title: ECOcar5: steering and braking

· academic year 2011-2012:
Author: Gery Fossaert - Michel Remon
Title: Realization ECOcar5 - energy-efficient prototype vehicle

· academic year 2012-2013:
Author: Hendrik Baart
Title: Research and testing the for wheel and rear wheel steering on ECOcar5 and the design and implementation of a design table specifically applicable to the wheel geometry and geometric row line of ECOcar5

· academic year 2012-2013:
Author: Yannick Peiffer
Title: Optimizing drive and the coachwork ECOcar5, energy-efficient prototype vehicle

· academic year 2012-2013:
Author: Tom Caveye
Title: Implementation of a light suspension on the rear axle

· academic year 2013-2014:
Author: Dieter Bultynck - Samuel Ladjal
Title: Design and implementation of a spring rear suspension and a maximum dry lubrication of the ECOcar5


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