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Through the use of an existing eddy current dynamometer equipped with taxation, there has to be a link with the resistors effectively executed on the car (track friction, rolling friction, slopes, curves, aerodynamic currents and wind) that occurs when the car is on the track.
This allows us to tax the motor (from the ECOcar) without the vehicle having to drive on the track itself and to measure the ability and consumption easily and quickly.On the eddy current, we can read the torque, power and rotational speed. Consumption is measured by placing the tank on a scale. Afterwards we can read the weight reduction.

Because we have all geometric data (distance, number of bends, bend curves, rising and falling gradients) of the circuit, we can establish an association between the actual loads and loads of Foucault.
By placing measuring devices and laptops with USB connection in and around the car, we will be able to provide circuit analysis if there is not enough geometric data and to measure instantaneous resistance. The measuring tools are inclination sensors, velocity and acceleration sensors and force sensors.
Data acquisition helps us to take all necessary measures, to process and to quickly search for a full simulation of the load of the engine through a certain circuit.

From the moment that this association is established, an optimal start-stop pull (drive diagram) of the engine should be set, providing the best energy efficiency. When considering any circuit, you are dealing with taxes (energy loss) and recoveries (energy gain) due to ascending or descending path slopes: every time it comes down to capture a balance for a minimal start-up-pull-loss of the engine. The search for the most energy-efficient drive scheme per circuit is a challenge that will ensure an ECO optimum for each circuit in all weather situations, through programming and self-learning. In time, circuit-dependent motor control with an on-off control will be used to automate the work of the pilot. By this ECO-strategic approach you will reach the absolute form of intelligent driving: a hot item today and tomorrow!


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