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Of course, Energyteam could not make it purely on its own...

We are supported by companies with eye for innovation and sustainability, which are following our our vision and strategy.
Together we succeed to continuously bring the project on a higher level!
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Ghent Bio-Economy Valley

Ghent Bio-Economy Valley is a non-profit organization which supports the development of sustainable bioenergy activities in the region of Ghent. In collaboration with Ghent University, City of Ghent, the Port of Ghent and numerous industrial companies, Ghent Bio-Economy Valley organizes activities to promote the development of a bio-based economy

 These activities are:

 • Stimulation of technological innovation

 • Industrial integration and clustering

 • Public acceptance and sensibilisation


Greenbridge Incubator Ostend

Greenbridge is a West-Flemish science work of the Ghent University and is located in the inner port of Ostend. Greenbridge wants to support innovation and create an entrepreneurial climate in the region of Ostend. The science park is open to experienced companies in promising technology domains.

Greenbridge provides professional support for start-ups, such as professional guidance and the possibility to financial resources. Through additional initiatives, including seminars, Greenbridge helps start-ups to make their first contacts.

VZW Powerlink


VZW Powerlink is a knowledge and communication platform in the field of sustainable and renewable energy. It is a joint initiative of AG Port of Ostend and Ghent University, located in the science park Green Bridge in the port of Ostend.

Powerlink stimulates the use of renewable and alternative energy by centralizing knowledge about renewable energy and makes it available for the academic world and the business world. They stimulate and support research on renewable energy.



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