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University College Ghent: research, development and innovation! Senior year students Masters Industrial Sciences Electromechanics have been drivers in the project for years.

University Ghent: From the academic year 2013-2014, the Energyteam will be part of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University.

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Clem N.V. has built up a solid reputation in the thermoforming and processing of plastic sheet material. With over 25 experienced operators and a state-of-the-art machine base, Clem is ideally equipped to cater for all market needs. Designs in the most varied of fields are always in close collaboration with the customer. On-the-spot you can discouver our technical capabilities through some examples of projects we have carried out.

C-Bear is the company that supplied the ceramic bearings for the ECOcar5.

Interflon is soecialized in lubricants. Thanks to the Interflon lubricant, we can keep the maintenance costs and energy usage of the ECOcar5 low.

ERIKS-BAUDOIN is specialized in plastic components for many applications. The company has ensured the necessary equipment for the windows of the ECOcar5.

Suzhou Bafang Electric Motor Science-Technology Co. supplied the electric drive for the ECOcar5.

Electric Bike Solutions GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of conversion kits and batteries for electric bikes. Ebike Solutions is distinguished by a particularly innovative business idea: they transform your bike into an electric bike. The company was founded in 2009 by Thilo Gauch and Philip Walczak, and today the company counts 17 employees. The team consists of experienced specialists in bicycle mechanics and engine technology, bike sales, electrical engineering and battery construction.

CCM Technology is specialized in the realization of orthopedic braces for the back, wrist, knee, ankle and elbow. CCM in Saint-Denis-Westrem has helped us in making the windows for ECOcar5.

GCM is specialized in the maintenance and repair of installations. Geodetics Construction Maintenance provides financial support for the ECOcar5.

Green Earth Energy & Technology is a specialist in clean technology. This company provides financial support for the ECOcar5.

IRTechnology. Thanks to photographer Jeroen Lippens for designing the new logo for Hogent Ecocar Team.

Alumni is an association for and by former students of University College Ghent.

AIG is the alumni association of engineers graduated from the University of Ghent.


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