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ECOcar5 sets a new Belgian record energy-saving driving with 2655 km per litre diesel!

The purpose of the Energyteam is to build an energy-saving vehicle and to compete in several (inter)national competitions. The first ECOcar1 was built in 1995.

This energy-economical vehicle is driven by a fuel engine and competed in the Belgian Shell ECO-marathon. It managed to drive for 422 km with only one litre of fuel. Since then the Energyteam continued to develop new and improved vehicles.

The Energyteam consists of a group of master students in engineering. They are creative, competitive and fascinated by technological innovations.

In July 2012 they broke the Belgian record diesel efficiency with the ECOcar5. With only one litre of diesel the ECOcar5 drove a staggering 2655km. Moreover, the Energyteam won several awards such as best vehicle, best electric prototype, most innovating vehicle and winner of the championship 2011-2012.
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University Ghent
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1
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Guy Foubert

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