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Event: Brussels Motor Show (17-27/01/2008)
Please find here some pictures of our new prototype Energy 5, exposed at the booth Powered By Nature, at Brussels Motor Show (17-27 January 2008).
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Event: Climate day (14/12/2007)
14 December 2007 - University VUB Brussels
With this Climate Day, the University wants to make its students aware of the climate change and its consequences. We presented our project and latest developments.
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Event: European Summit (21/02/2008)
At the European Summit, the Energyteam was part of the Shell stand to present the ECOcar project.
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Event: Port day Ghent (05/07/2008)
We presented the ECOcar4 to the dock industry Ghent.
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Event: Power-link
The ECOcar4 and the plug ECOcar5 were both presented on this contact day for researchers from the University Ghent and companies who are involved with alternative energy.
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Event: Unizo contactdrink & innovation forum (06/02/2008)
Unizo, the Flemish union of entrepreneurs, wants to guide SME's with the implementation of their innovation projects. In cooperation with University College Ghent and the Flemish Innovation Centre, they organised a networking event with an innovation forum. Our Energy 5 was shown as well!  
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Technical: Aerodynamic study (07/2008)
Philippe VandeVyver is developing the aerodynamic bodywork of our Energy 5.
Check here for some snapshots of the simulations with the Fluent software!
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Technical: Engine
Gerald and Pieter will show you the world of engine controllers...
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Technical: Plug
Jeroen and Maarten at work!
They show you how to create a plug starting from polystyrene plates...
A lot of thanks go to Carrossier Malfait for all expertise and help!
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